My Cousin Donna

She's in heaven.
We found out this weekend.

We won't be able to return to the U.S. for a memorial service. I was
having a conversation today with a friend and told him this news and he
asked 'Was she a believer?' Boy was she. We then discussed how asking
that question might upset some people.

He once surprised a pastor at his father's funeral by saying at the end
'Thanks for sharing, I look forward to meeting your dad.'

If you are kingdom minded, a Eulogy is little more than an introduction.

Often we get mired down in our earthly woes, but Christ reminds us to
keep looking upward and thinking about what happens AFTER our time on
earth is done. It affects how we live here, the decisions we make, etc.

So, with that in mind, and if you are assured of your salvation, let me
introduce my cousin Donna to you.

She's a very kind person. Her heart was always thinking about other
people, how they are doing, what she can do to make them comfortable.
She lit up every room she entered. She recruited me more than once to
play Santa for the youngest members of our family at the time. She
embodied the Christmas spirit, 365 days a year. She loved on my kids,
and they loved her back. Even when she wasn't able to get around much
near the end, she made a point to hand pick gifts for my kids and send
them over here in PNG. Such that, when we broke the news to the kids
yesterday, we had a gift from Donna and Jack to give to them.

She has a rare gift for uplifting people around her.

We'll miss her of course, but only for a short while. The time we'll be
without her will seem like nothing once we've entered eternity.