Ren i kam

It is hard to photograph rain.

Folks in No. California can appreciate this, the rain came today. 
Well it came a few days ago, but today was the first time it rained during the day, and finished filling up the water tanks of many who have not had water.
This year we went a record amount of time before seeing rain.  In fact, since returning from furlough we hadn't seen it, until a few days ago.

This place comes alive with Rain.  The dust settles, the grass starts getting green again, people breath a sigh of relief because it truly affects the food supply in the country.  Because of this year's record breaking drought, there are several who are having difficulties in this country.  Imagine hiking miles to find drinkable water, or having large portions of your food supply being eaten by bugs.

But the rain came.
Every week a few times a week I have been talking to my PNG friends and asking how they are doing, how is their food supply.  I want to share with you one story.

One friend, each week would say 'God is good to us, we are okay.'  And each week things were getting worse.
Last week she told me 'our children don't like the food we have to eat, because it is not their favorite, but I tell them, God is good to us, He gave us food, so we will not starve.  And he will send the rain because He is a God who hears the prayers of those who love him.'

Each week it got harder for her to say this.  As a family we would help when we can, but wisely, so as not to cause cultural problems.  We conserve water heavily.  My kids know what a 1 min. shower is and how to take one.  But our food supply was never at risk because we don't rely solely on gardens. Well, perhaps our fresh fruits and vegetable supply was.

Truly, this drought has brought many closer together as we reach out to show love, and care, and concern, and offer help.

Today, when the rain came, the people around me, at work, rejoiced.  Having rain means so much in a tropical country.  The ground is like a sponge, soaking it up.  The same way our spirits are soaking up the encouragement that it brings.